Updated LtU Archive Index

Been a while since I've updated my archive index - specifically since the demise of manilla back in late June. This site is easier to index, but still I like to have access to all the thread titles on a single page. Index includes both the original archive index, as well as the new site.

In the process of doing this, I've cleared off all the original archive pages from my website. Our host has them available on the this website via the Archive. Makes more sense to have all the pages on our main site, rather than multiple copies floating around (even though I put norobot meta tags in them).

For some reason, it seems like we've been moved longer than the 3-4 months that have actually elapsed. Thanks to Anton again for the home.

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Updated again

been doing some tweaking on the index pages. Got it now where it shows the number of messages within each post for the new site.

[Note for Anton: There's a zip file of the archives at the bottom of the index pages. This contains the updated title sections for the messageXXXX.html files that might be a little more google friendly. (Only the first line in all the files has changed). You can ignore all the other files other than the messageXXXX.html files. In particular, the nmessageXXXX.html files are from the current site. Anyhow, the files are there if you feel the need.]

More things to spelunk with

Been playing with Python and came up with another thing that might be of interest to those who need to find their way around LtU:

Index of LtU Posts by User

Allows you to see all the posts made by a person on LtU. Ehud holds the top spot with 4285 posts and counting. His list may take a while to view as it is close to 1MB in length for the page.