Design Concepts in Programming Languages is now available

We last mentioned this book back in 2005, when the text was available as a series of drafts, and LtU user raould updated the post back in late August letting LtU readers know you can get it from MIT Press, but to be sure: the book is out. Not to play favorites, but Amazon currently has it new for $54 USD, and it retails for $75 USD. Powell's currently has one copy in stock as well (thanks Tim!).

And it's massive. At 1,322 numbered pages, it'll take me a while to get through, but I hope to post a review once I'm done. LtU readers might be interested to know that the book is based on and is now used in MIT's graduate programming languages course, 6.821.

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Links to other sites with the book for sale welcome

If LtU users find other places the book is selling online, please feel free to post links in the comments here.

Problem sets (and more) available on the 6.821 site

I didn't make a note of it in the main story post, but the 6.821 website has problem sets, solutions, and a link to an FTP site with code used in the class. I'm not sure if this is the same code as is in the book, as I haven't yet had a chance to go through the website resources. Comments welcome!


For those who would rather support a (more) independent business, Powell's has the book for sale as well. Portlanders can also find a copy at their Technical Bookstore.

Happy to add links to the main post

Tim, if you have a link (should Powell's be selling it online as well in-store), I'd be happy to add it to the main post. Thanks for mentioning it!


Sure, it's:

Powell's added

Thanks Tim!

Looks interesting

The book has a supplements page, but it's mostly under construction. Chapter 1 was an easy read. Starting with a stack language (POSTFIX) is a nice simple way to get immersed quickly. I see the implementation on the course web page but I don't see the book's source code.

Stay tuned

I know from a reliable source that the supplements page is under active development right now. Keep watching!

Source Code Still MIA

I am very pleased with this text which is well worth the price, but I am afraid that the Web Supplements haven't been updated since last August.

With the Source Code still MIA, I tried sending in an email to query about the site's status and code availability, but the address listed on the website doesn't appear to be valid anymore.

Has anyone else had better luck?