Succ Zeroth International Obfuscated Haskell Code Contest Results

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Winners by Category:

Best overall entry

UlfNorell with MetaSteganoGraphicObfuscation

Best Abuse of Compiler Specific Features and Best Signature Sized Entry

DonSteward with Crawl

Most Useful submission

JeremyGibbons with PiSpigot

Thanks to everyone who entered! Please enter again next year!

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Oh no, not another obfusticated code contest

What I would like to see is a crystal clear code contest.

The contest would present several "known to be hairy" problems, where all known implementations tend to bend the brain.

The programs should produce text output that can be compare with a correct answer as a test.

Rule 1. Any language may be used.

Rule 2. The winner is goes to the code whose (correct) implementation is judged the most easily understandable. (Even by a someone who knows no more about the language than what is written in the comments.)

Has been proposed...

This has actually been proposed before.
I like the idea, can you think of some good brain-bending problems?

On the other hand, how is this different from or better than the ICFP contest?

Shae Erisson -

ICFP has tight time constraints

On the other hand, how is this different from or better than the ICFP contest?

This contest has rather tight time constraints and deadlines don't generally improve code clarity. raid libc

..or any other mature open source library.

Look for code that is fat, has lots of comments and/or comments along the line...

  // I'm not sure what this does...

This also has an advantage of being a prebuilt test oracle.

As a flourish you can even say, "now add small enhancement X", and award points for the least number of lines changed to do so.