Liquid Metal project, Lime language: Java for FPGA co-processors

[corrected link, apologies] Liquid Metal, Lime:

We introduce Lime, a new Object-Oriented language that can be compiled for the JVM or into a synthesizable hardware description language. Lime extends Java with features that provide a way to carry OO concepts into efficient hardware. We detail an end-to-end system from the language down to hardware synthesis and demonstrate a Lime program running on both a conventional processor and in an FPGA.

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Bad link?

The link goes to a page about the Propellor chip. The paper is here.

Liquid Metal Project website

Here is the Lime project website, with one more publication, and an introduction to the goals of the project.

thanks for the pointer

The goal of the Liquid Metal project is to create a single unified programming language and environment in which portions of a system can be fluidly moved between hardware and software. Furthermore, we wish to do so dynamically and adaptively, in effect "JITting the hardware".

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