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As a result of a refereeing request, I took a look at the website of College Publications, and was very pleased with what I saw. It is a non-profit publisher founded by Jane Spurr and the omnipresent (at least in logic) Dov Gabbay. From their "About us" page:


  • To bring College Publications to a level with Oxford (OUP) and Cambridge (CUP) in terms of publishing capability.
  • To provide the community with a non-profit making, highly prestigious publishing outlet that will break the monopoly that commercial publishers have.
  • To publish books that can be purchased at reasonable prices, making information accessible to all.

Accordingly, College Publications can publish books at a range of 15–25 dollars per average 300 page book, giving substantially better royalties to authors than other publishers.


College Publications does not take copyright and authors are free to use their material elsewhere, and even to put the book on the web once sales have achieved profitability.

The existence of this publisher is very good for the kind of things that LtU stands for in much the same way that Logical Methods in Computer Science is, and supposedly community focussed organisations such as the ACM are not. Take a look at their PL offerings in their computing series, edited by Ian Mackie.

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Yes, this is great thing, and I hope they're very successful!

PS. The first link in your post is wrong (it points back to LtU).


Link fixed now.

The odd thing is, there is practically no publicity for them. There are a number of worthy publishing arms attached to certain scholarly organisations, such as the ASL and the EATCS, but I have seen nothing comparable in ambition to the mission of this outfit that embraces PL theory. And yet, I have an article published in one of their collections, but I hadn't heard of them!