yet another oop formalization: class as abstract automata


The Formalization of the OOP Paradigm: INHERITANCE OF ABSTRACT AUTOMATA
is devoted to discussion of the inheritance
relation on sets of Mealy automata. It continues study

Formalization of the OOP Paradigm

in which:

- the concept of abstract data type (or, what is the same, of a class)
is treated as an abstract automaton;

- relations of inheritance and polymorphism are introduced on sets of the Moore automata.

Proposed formalization of OOP notions significally differs from the
formalization of Luca Cardelli (see, for example, "A Semantics of Multiple Inheritance",
1988, Information and Computation 76, 138-164, 1988;; ).

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[Admin] Disclaimer and User Name

I believe it would be fair to mention that the original poster is also the author of the paper.

If nothing else, setting user's name to real one would do that.

Yes, this should be made

Yes, this should be made explicit. I suggested posting the link to the discussion group, and I should have noticed that the user name can be confusing. I am sure there was no intent to deceive in this case.

Sorry, I did not understand

Andris Birkmanis,
Sorry, I did not understand your message completely.
Would you clarify, please, your post, if it is important.

Just in case, I am the author of the paper.


Andris is suggesting that you modify your username (presently "agp1") to be your real name (presumably "A. G. Piskunov"). Making that change would serve the dual purposes of:

  1. Better conforming with LtU site policies
  2. Making it immediately clear that you are the author of the paper that was the subject of the original post (and, more importantly, of any other papers of yours that you choose to post about in the future).

The .pdf version of the

The .pdf version of the paper nangs-up my browser; but works if I download and use ghostview viewer.

Reference to Rogers is

Reference to Rogers is wrong, number 2.
Correct one is

@MISC{ HRogersEn,
TITLE = "{Theory of recursive functions and effective computability}",
AUTHOR = "{H. Rogers, Jr}",
NOTE = "(McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1967)"