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MLstate - currently in stealth mode - is an IT company, whose functional programming approach to SaaS and cloud computing has been recently recognized by the French Ministry of Research Innovation Award and support from leading investors.

We are research-oriented, we value technical excellence and innovation and we believe our technology has a potential to dramatically change the way web applications are being built.

MLstate opens several new permanent positions to meet this challenge:

  • Senior Developers: Outstanding PhDs with at least 3 years of research experience in functional languages and/or formal verification and the ability to manage a small technical team.
  • Developers: PhDs with strong FP skills. Applications from PhD students defending their thesis soon are also welcome.

Jobs are based in Paris and include a competitive compensation package.

Please send a (link to your) CV to julien.sylvestre@mlstate.com

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Posting announcements is against the LtU policy. I am not deleting this message because I consider the announcement to be of considerable interest to the LtU community (not only to those seeking FP jobs).

where to go then?


where to go then for FP jobs?

I have no idea, but LtU is

I have no idea, but LtU is most certainly not the place. If anyone has useful suggestions, I encourage you to post them here.

Daily WTF supports job

Daily WTF supports job postings - even has a dedicated front page link to 'post your non-WTF jobs'. Link to Daily WTF at bottom of every LtU page.


For me this advertisement transports the message that FP jobs are for PhDs only. Not that we didn't knew this already. Just like a friend of mine uses to say "I love clichées because they are true".