The RiSE of Research in Software Engineering

Wolfram Schulte introduces us to the Research in Software Engineering (RiSE) group.

The RiSE group will start publishing weekly videos on Channel9. The videos will not only describe tools or technologies the researchers are working on, but they will also explain how the tools work through 'classroom' videos.

Screencast announcement at Channel9.
Page in Microsoft Research.

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The RiSE research areas most

The RiSE research areas most relevant to LtU readers are probably Programming Language Design, Theorem Proving and Logical Foundations, Static Analysis and Program Verification and Concurrency.

4 of 10 is a nice proportion

I'm particularly fond of the catchphrases for Programming Language Design (i.e. Software Poetry) and Static Analysis (i.e. Catching Bugs Before they Occur).

On a more serious note, it's nice to see such integrated effort coming up. The Boogie verifier architecture looks great, gives us some hope that all this research will result in practical improvements in mainstream languages (or at least their VMs).