Is it ok...

I was planning on asking for peoples comments about a parser generator I recently made. Is that appropriate for LtU?

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It might be appropriate if you were blogging or demonstrating useful properties provided by your parser generator (as opposed to merely looking for praise or eyes to debug the parser generator).

But... uh... topics that exist merely to ask whether another topic (potential or realized) is or is not on-topic are, in fact, off-topic. You'd be better off just posting and accepting the chastisement if you were wrong than creating this thread.


No. See site policies regarding design discussions for more information.

I wouldn't have thought it

I wouldn't have thought it counts as a 'design discussion' if he is posting about a parser generator he has 'recently made', though I imagine it depends on exactly what sort of comments he is seeking.

OTOH, this sort of meta-off-topic discussion... I really don't want to have it.

Agreed. I posts are relevant

Agreed. If posts are relevant and appropriate I will of course have no objection.