JMatch (abstract iterable pattern matching for Java) and the Polyglot Compiler Framework

I just read the PADL'03 JMatch paper (PDF), and was so impressed that I immediately downloaded JMatch and am starting to play with it.

Ehud Lamm provides a nice summary of JMatch in the LTU Classic Archives. Like him, I am surprised that JMatch didn't generate more discussion. So what do people think of JMatch today? Is there anything else like it? How does it compare to other pattern matching abstractions, e.g. F# Active Patterns?

Incidentally, any thoughts on the Polyglot Compiler Framework (used by JMatch)? Is it the framework of choice for implementing Java language extensions?

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This is the first time I've seen JMatch and I intend to give it a go. Polygot looks interesting too. Thanks!

Looks extremely interesting.

Looks extremely interesting. I wonder if there are other useful "modes" besides undoing a computation and iterating?

Definitely worth a read

This is definitely worth a read. Don't let the "Java" bit in the title turn you away from at least reading the paper.

Various other projects that

Various other projects that used Polyglot were discussed here in the past (a search of the archives for Polyglot uncovers most of them, I think).