Saturday January 10th 2009, 2PM: FringeDC Programming Group Formal Meeting

Erlang Exposed! Chris Williams from NOVAlanguages ( will be giving an intro to Erlang and will describe what makes it so cool. You'll learn how the Erlang Concurrency Model allows for robust multiprocessor and distributed computing. As an opening presentation, Conrad Barski will present some new software written in Arc Lisp for automated cartoon cell colorization. Afterwards, we'll head over to a Mongolian Grill for some beer and conversation.

The meeting is generously hosted by Clark & Parsia ( located at 926 N St NW REAR Studio #1 Washington DC and is near the Convention Center Metro Stop. (Map Anyone is welcome to join our meetings!

FringeDC is a programming group in Washington DC interested in Functional and Fringe programming languages (Lisp, Haskell, Erlang, etc)