Web hosting for Haskell/Lisp/Scheme

I just noticed that nearlyfreespeech.net provide cgi web hosting for Haskell, Lisp, OCaml, and Scheme and I thought this could be of interest to a few LtU members. (I wonder what the collective pronoun for "LtU members" is?)

Yesterday I signed up with them to transfer a couple of hardly used domains to them because I read some positive comments about them, and because I liked their prices and policies... and I was pleasantly surprised to see they support Haskell! The transfers went well, and I don't have any self-interest in promoting them; I am just a happy customer so far.

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Here's another suggestion, which I do have self-interest in promoting, insofar as I founded it, and as current members benefit from greater membership.

HCoop is a non-profit company whose members decide democratically which services are to be offered and how to offer them. We install Debian Linux packages globally, upon request by members. We have had Haskell and Scheme stuff going on for a while, and we have even more ML-based activity: Our member web portal is implemented with Standard ML, and so is our DSL for shared system configuration.

HCoop is interesting

I find it interesting that hcoop.net has a philosophy behind the hosting, as does nearlyfreespeech.net. Nice to have a choice :)

Thanks for the link! I had

Thanks for the link! I had never even heard of HCoop. It looks very promising. I do mainly ASP.NET work during the day, but a Mono installation should work nicely for most tasks.