Job board on LtU?

I'm wondering how people would feel about setting up some way for companies that want to hire functional programmers to broadcast that fact on LtU. Jane Street is eagerly trying to hire the kinds of people who read LtU, but there's no natural place on LtU to communicate that fact. I've sent a number of messages over the years to a few FP mailing lists, but there's no natural place to post such a thing on LtU. Maybe it would make sense to set up some kind of job board? I know we'd be interested in using it, and I'm sure there are a few other companies who would be interested as well.

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Lambda the Ultimate Job List

I don't mind a job board tied to LtU but I'm not particularly attracted to this idea either: sometimes it's hard to keep things on topic here (it seems to be a seasonal thing) with job postings it could be very easy to get things confusing or plain weird. Also there may be some legal issues that I'm not familiar with.
If it doesn't disrupt too much things here and it's useful to our community then I'm in favor.

I'm rather against it

I'm rather against it. I perfectly fine with someone setting up a job board elsewhere and asking for a link to it on LtU. I see no reason why it should be hosted by the maintainers of LtU or intricately tied to LtU in any way.

There are occasional job

There are occasional job posts on LTU for real PL jobs; e.g., post docs in a PL group are advertised here.

It seems to me the current

It seems to me the current situation is good enough. If an established member thinks a job opening is of particular interest to the LtU community they can post it. Non-regulars, or members that have doubts about the appropriateness of particular job announcement can ask me by email for advice before posting.


In that case, I will put up a post.