Kodu video game

Microsoft recently demoed a very interesting system for kids called Kodu. Kodu lets kids 'program' their own games for Xbox 360.

The language lets kids write programs like this:
when [game-pad] [left-click] do [fire] [at-monster]

Except game-pad, left-click, etc. are cartoonish icons kids pick out from context relevant lists.

This summary is based on watching two videos, at most a few minutes in length :) The video in the link is probably most relevant. There doesn't seem to be any more technical detail available on the web.

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Somewhat typical for Microsoft

I'm happy to see the creative work here, but I think it falls in line with the Microsoft culture, which is: give people high-level tools to do what you expect they'll do with them. I can imagine a couple dozen nice games coming out of this, and that's it.

I'm also working on a console-based game development platform, but for the PS3. It's for creating 2D (casual) games and it's based on 2D physics, but the development method is from left-field. The closest paradigm for the language is Functional Reactive, but it's entirely state-based.

Can't wait to learn more!

Can't wait to learn more!

No problem

It's not ready for public review, but if you send me an email at david 927 at g mail, I'll let you know more.