OOHaskell - Haskell's overlooked object system

OOHaskell by Oleg Kiselyov, Ralf Lämmel, and Keean Schupke

from the abstract:
"This paper makes the next logical step and shows that Haskell readily supports objects encapsulating methods and mutable fields, lexically scoped classes with initializers, overriding, inheritance, abstract classes, first-class interfaces, virtual and private methods, multiple and diamond inheritance, class and method polymorphism."

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Please become editors!

Enough said.

Wondering when the long paper will be out

Wish they'd run through an inheritance example similar to the shapes junk.

Guess I should be careful what I ask for.

A new revision of the paper from the above link shows how to do the shape example in Haskell. Agree with the authors that my original Haskell code is questionable in its demo of OO. (I used it to teach myself a little about the language, and it was the hardest language - other than possibly SML - that I encountered in trying to write subtype polymorphism).