help with type theory

Greetings LTU.

I am very new to type theory, taking an independent study in it at my university as my interests seem to point in this direction. However, as an independent study at a university where no one has a real specialization in the subject, there are some basics that I am struggling with. Are there any good forums that would be recommended for someone of my level where I could post questions that I just can't figure out and get some guidance? Thank you in advance.

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TaPL and #haskell

1) If you haven't already bought TaPL (, I would highly recommend it. Many of my beginner type theory questions were answered by reading this book. Pierce's writing is both approachable and rigorous; very conducive to "A-ha!" moments.

2) There are some knowledgeable folks on #haskell ( that are often both friendly to newbies and receptive to broader PL questions. Give them a try.