Jane Street Summer Project '09

I'm pleased to announce the Jane Street Summer Project for 2009. The goal of the JSSP is to make functional programming languages into better practical tools for programming in the real world. To do that, we will fund students over the summer to work on open-source projects which aim at improving the practical utility of their favorite functional language.

The JSSP is a follow-on to last year's OCaml Summer Project. A key difference this year is that we are opening up the project to proposals in languages other than OCaml (although we expect to maintain a focus on OCaml projects.) There are also some changes to the funding structure that are particularly relevant for projects located in the US.

If you want to find out more, you can look at the JSSP blog and at the project FAQ

We're looking forward to a great and productive summer, and we hope some of you come along for the ride!