Dynamic Logic

Dynamic Logic is a topic that I don't recall seeing on Ltu previously. I am quite intrigued by the way it merges action (ie side effects) into a more or less conventional logic. It is also interesting that this is core computer science going back to the 1970's, and there is a nice text book. Can anyone really say that there is some problem with action semantics?

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There was - is another book

There was - is another book called action semantics by Peter Moses (first published in 1992). Back then I had the oportunity to listen to some of his lectures about that approach at RWTH Aachen. I recall that it was kind of a blend of denotational and operetional semantics. So is that the term could be somewhat missleading. As dynamic logic is a kind of modal logic, I think you might mean something else?

Thanks for the info. The

Thanks for the info. The review and TOC look interesting. I was thinking of "action semantics" as a generic. The ASM method (ie Abstract State Machine) semantics is quite similar to the DL language above. Of course there is also the "Language Action Perspective" and many more.


Found some interesting slides on Action Semantics (the formal language). Also this might be interesting from the functional perspective.