F#, a functional language for .Net

From Microsoft Research:

F# is a variant of ML with a core language akin to that of the OCaml programming language. F# runs on top of the .NET Framework and in many ways the language is designed to be an "ML that fits with .NET". F# includes extensions for working across languages, and the aim is to have it work together seamlessly with C#, COmega, Visual Basic, SML.NET and other .NET programming languages and tools. It is the first ML language where all the types and values in an ML program can be accessed from some significant object-oriented imperative languages (e.g. C#) in a predictable and (reasonably) friendly way.

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Will it work on Mono?

Speaking about interoperability, will F# compiler be limited only by Microsft Windows platform?

I know this is very, very

I know this is very, very old, but yes, I can say first hand it does indeed work just fine on Mono (and probably Portable.NET as well)


At last F# 1.0 . What are changes since beta ?
Hope to get 1.0 news from OCamlIL soon : http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~montela/ocamil/

Yes - it will work with Mono

F# will work Mono and Rotor, because it supports a --cli-version switch. There is a section getting it work with other cli implemenations in the manual.


However it works best with the CLI version 2.0 because it was designed to work with generics.

The download contains a read me which list the changes to the new release.