LtU: Forum not blog

Due to recent changes in the community which led to less interest in programming language, and the high quality of design discussions unrelated to programming language semantics, the LtU management team has decided to remove the blog portion of the site, and make LtU into a unmoderated forum about all things related to programming, computing, math, and humor.

The blog will migrate temporarily to the url:, to ease the withdrawal pains of regular readers.

This is a good opportunity to thank all the contributing editors for helping the site survive so long by managing to find actual papers about programming language theory, a field that is rumored not to exist.

Urgent update: This message was an April Fools' Day prank.

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what, no twitter feed?


Good point. Following

Good point. Following twitter all comments here will be retroactively restricted to 140 characters.


Why does twitter matter to us? Anyway the main reason for my comment is to show my proof that P=NP - the thing that everyone has been missin


Finally, there is so much I have been waiting to say!

I'll miss you LtU

The quality of postings was remarkable. This RSS lurker will mourn the loss of LtU's regular postings.

math allowed!

Math is allowed now? May I talk about the Riemann Hypothesis? :)


Touche. :-) If you could somehow make it loosely relevant to programming languages, sure!

I suspect that the LtU crowd will have a great deal of background in Complex Analysis and insight into R.H. :-P

P.S. (No insight here. I failed Complex Analysis the first time I took it. I like complex algebra, but I don't really understand their calculus. ;-)


Too bad! I have been a silent reader all this time!

Ehud, you nearly got me.

Ehud, you nearly got me. Well done!

I'm not the only fooled one here am I??

He did fool me completely, somehow:) Possibly coz I received it on 2nd April on the RSS.
Anyway, good to know so, coz I too have simply been a silent reader on the RSS feeds...

well played

I felt genuine remorse for not having spoken up more. Well played. You've converted some of us RSS'ers into genuine commenters. :-)

What a pleasant & unexpected

What a pleasant & unexpected outcome!

To all those who are still

To all those who are still unsure: This message was an April Fools' Day joke. I never expected it to fool so many of you!

Yes, but everyone expects

Yes, but everyone expects higher order jokes at this place. So it looks like an April fools joke but is actually meant deadly serious and makes fun about those who believe it is a joke.

And so the joke's on them -

And so the joke's on them - clearly this is at least a third-order fool?

You might very well think

You might very well think that; I couldn't possibly comment...

Feeling foolish

Grr, broke the threading by accident. Cleaned it up, nothing to see here.

April Fool's day Joke

It was a surprise from Ehud in the first place of the temporary hosting:
as "No such thing as PLT" dot org :-)