dealing with spam?

Hello All,

I have no idea, how should we deal with spam or other inappropriate content.

I miss somehow a button to signal quickly such content. Some other forum engines have such things. I don't know the implementation details.


PS. There are two spam topics now, the node 3301 (a klonopin spam) and the node 3300 (a viagra spam).

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Spam, Akismet, Captcha

Seems the way to go with Drupal, the first two are spam capturing modules. I don't mind captchas.

We try not to pose hurdles

We try not to pose hurdles on posting (so discussions can go on with ease), and on new members. Several people are monitoring new accounts and new messages for spam, and most spam is deleted very quickly. It doesn't always work, though.

I think the current methods are pretty much ok, and the topic was discussed many times and no significant improvement came up. If these or other modules can help, then that's great. If members want to help with spam monitoring, let me know.

Modules & versions

The last time we looked at Drupal spam modules, they were somewhat immature. Things have improved since then, although automatically blocking the more subtle spam tends to raise the false positive rate, which introduces a new type of complaint about people's comments not getting through. Something like Akismet could be good, but we need to upgrade Drupal before we can install those modules.

Akismet seems to cost money,

Akismet seems to cost money, or maybe not... The pricing model leaves me confused, and the description on the site unconvinced. If people have experiences to share, please do.