A Brief, Incomplete ... History of Programming Languages

LtU Contributing Editor James Iry has written a brief history covering every prominent programming language and inventor:

A Brief, Incomplete ... History of Programming Languages

However, some of the details seem open to question. Perhaps LtU readers could help him iron out any historical inaccuracies.

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For those who haven't read it yet, it's hilarious.

Unsurprisingly, people already wrote pages of comments to whine about the omission of their respective favorite language. But with James being on LtU I can sneak in one here: James, come on, there is no way you can leave out ALGOL. Very few PLs in history have been more influential ...and very few have seen more tragical failure in the attempt to evolve them.

Favorite Language Design Comment

"Here is a language so far ahead of its time, that it was not only an improvement on its predecessors, but also on nearly all its successors." — C.A.R. Hoare

History is Easy...

History is easy, comedy is hard.

Still no ALGOL

But as a sop to Ehud I added Ada and PHP.

Hopefully, no one will hold

Hopefully, no one will hold me responsible for PHP!!

(Ada is bad enough!)

Objects all the way down

Smalltalk-80 has Abstract Data Types at the bottom. Oops!

Hebrew version