Axum - A .NET language for safe, scalable and productive parallel programming through isolation, actors and message-passing

Microsoft just released a new concurrent programming language for the .NET platform called Axum:

Axum is a language that builds upon the architecture of the Web and principles of isolation, actors, and message-passing to increase application safety, responsiveness, scalability, and developer productivity.

Other advanced concepts we are exploring are data flow networks, asynchronous methods, and type annotations for taming side-effects.

Via Slashdot.

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Language Specification, User Guide, Download

Axum is released as "an incubation project, Microsoft has made no commitment to ship Axum as a supported product."

The project page includes Language Specification and User Guide pdfs.

The project page includes a download of the implementation.

The download is an .msi which apparently requires Visual Studio 2008 :(

"Axum aims to validate a safe and productive parallel programming model for .NET"

Use The Visual Studio Shell

If you'd like to try Axum without Visual Studio 2008, you can use the Visual Studio Shell instead, since Axum provides its own compiler.

Alternatively, you can use the command

msiexec /qn TARGETDIR=C:\AxumFiles /a Axum.msi

to extract the Axum files from the archive, and then use the axc.exe command-line compiler found within.

Just trying to be helpful.

Is there somewhere to

Is there somewhere to download "Visual Studio Shell" from?

Just trying to be helpful.

That was helpful, thanks!

Follow the link

The download links are toward the bottom of the Visual Studio Shell page. I recommend "Integrated Mode".