Budapest FP Meetup

It is a bit late for today's meetup, but not too late:

The program is as follows:

I. ---------------------------------------
Permissive operators as a mechanism for language extensibility
by Diego Echeverri (IntelliFactory)

Abstract: We explore an extensibility mechanism for programming languages based on a subset of distfix(mixfix) operators. This mechanism gives tools to the programmer to increase conciseness by allowing him to build more complex operators via composition. We also show that some common features that are usually "built-in's" can be constructed as "libraries" using these operators.

II. ---------------------------------------
Reverse Execution
by Ersoy Bayramoglu (IntelliFactory)

Abstract: Undo operation, mostly popularized by text editors, goes back to the ENIAC times. It has important uses in areas like debugging and error recovery. Since the pioneering Interlisp environment, different kinds of undos have been studied with different implementation methodologies. In this talk I will briefly summarize the previous work, and discuss various issues related to reverse excution of programs.

III. ---------------------------------------
EDSLs in Haskell
by Joel Bjornson (IntelliFactory)

Abstract: In this talk I will show how Haskell can be used as a platform for implementing Embedded Domain Specific Languages (EDSLs), utilising

* Generalized Algebraic Data Types (GADTs) for representing typed expressions
* Type Classes for overloading operators
* Monads for mimicing imperative constructs and adding syntactic sugar

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Hi everyone,

We have another presentation that didn't make it to the Meetup announcement, you can find the full set is on our (brand new) blog: