Tim Sweeney on Epic Games' History

From the Past to the Future: Tim Sweeney Talks

An interview with our own Tim Sweeney. There's admittedly not a lot of PLT here, but there's an interesting observation about the integration of an "editor" with a "game engine," beginning with ZZT and culminating in the Unreal technology, that might tease out some interesting discussion about how PLT can help build certain kinds of software (think live programming, JITs, type theory, reflection, "meta" vs. "object" languages, etc.) And perhaps Tim can respond to anything we come up with when he has the time.

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Questions & answers on

Questions & answers on integrating an editor with a game engine start on page 5:


There is a whole interview

There is a whole interview archive devoted to Tim Sweeney. Actually, even this source is incomplete, his Twilight of the GPU interview is missing, which is a must read for anyone interested in PL and graphics. I was personally inspired to study PL by one of Tim's old GameSpy articles.

Perhaps this is a bit random, but Conal does a nice job of bridging the gap between graphics and PL in general. There is FRP, Vertigo, and so on; e.g., I was just reading his post on 3D rendering as functional reactive programming.