Heron Language Specification

I have posted the first draft of the Heron language specification at http://www.heron-language.com/spec.html. It covers most of the Heron language, but is still sketchy in places and somewhat informal. I have left out the really gritty details of the lexical grammar. I would appreciate some feedback on the specification and impressions on the language itself if anyone cares to. Thanks in advance!

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Page of Code

I think any language ought to have a page of sample code one click away from the home page, and that link ought to be very visible. The first thing I want to see is what it looks like.

Page of Code?

Try the end of the above-linked page.

I agree

I agree, thank you for pointing that out about the web site. I placed a link on the front page directly to the example code within the specification.

I am working on an html pretty printer for Heron using Heron so that I can easily post the entire standard library online in a very readable format.

Heron Language

There are some excellent features in this language. As a language it is a good evolutionary step forward in the "C" line.

The talk is of "programmer productivity" and I think here a major opportunity is missed. There is a vast modern code base of Java and .NET libraries available. No mention of simple interop? Ah, it is so easy to write it yourself in Heron?

Java and .NET interoperability

The exlusion of interoperability is a good point. I think I will dedicate an appendix to it in the specification.

It would be relatively easy to translate heron to another target such as Java byte code and use external modules to act as an interface to existing libraries. There would be an extra step needed to provide a non-object oriented interface to existing libraries though. Heron external modules are not object oriented, unlike the rest of the language.

"Ah, it is so easy to write it yourself in Heron?"

I suspect this is a somewhat facetious remark, but the response is actually yes. But your point is still well received.

Thanks for the advice.