That old bug...

Phil seems to have made the mistake most of us make from time to time: failing to follow the classic interpreter pattern in handling the environment (from SICP, not GoF!).

It seems such a trivial thing... But if you don't handle the env correctly, it is bound to bite you in the a** sooner or later. It's one of the many things SICP and EOPL teach you without belaboring the point - so subtly in fact that you can easily fail to keep the message firmly in mind when you set up to implement your own language.

I am pretty sure I wrote here about the time I made this mistake, but I haven't managed to find that post in the archives.

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McCarthy's bug

I hope it's lexically scoped (assuming that such scoping is even relevant to this language).

Good point. I should have

Good point. I should have included this story, but went for terseness instead...


I'd re-arranged a chunk of the pet language I'm working on and lost track of that while focussing on parallelism.

Thanks LTU! :D