Online Bibliography of Partial Evaluation Research

Online Bibliography of Partial Evaluation Research

The latest addition to Jim Bender's impressive family of online PL-related research libraries, including ReadScheme and its Haskell analog. These are fantastic resources if you haven't yet seen them.

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More people would have heard about this...


How do I become an editor? Does it hurt? Will I have to update my driver's license?

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Oh this is excellent

I've just been investigating Partial Evaluation with a view to using it with arrows. This is great, thanks!


Shae Erisson -

Online Bibliography of Partial Evaluation Research

By the way, I have made a major update to the bibliography (, more than doubling the number of citations. Among the additions is a new section on logic program specialization, many new citations on type-directed partial evaluation and type specialization.

Sounds good!

Great work, Jim!