CADR Lisp Machine emulator

via Planet Lisp
Brad Parker has released an emulator for CADR, the second-generation MIT Lisp Machine. The emulator comes bundled with the operating system and you can run it on a regular Unix machine.

He estimates that it is 90% complete. I can confirm that it does boot up and run ZWEI, the Lisp Machine Emacs. (Note that this is MIT's Lisp Machine and not the fancier Symbolics derivative.)

This is really cool!

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Does not work correctly on PowerPC

I compiled the code on Linux/PPC, which results in a working binary. However, running the binary with the supplied disk image results in the disk image being rejected, due to an "invalid pack label".

This is just so all of you wanting to try this on their PPC machines can save the trouble. My guess is that it relates to endianness issues, but a few quick tests did not confirm this.

"Invalid pack label" may be b

"Invalid pack label" may be because disk.img.gz is actually a tar file, not a gzip'd disk image.