Biological computation (personal message, non PL-related)

The following personal request is not directly LtU related, but I know it might be of interest to some LtU members. I hope I am forgiven this minimal interruption.

Together with a colleague I am writing an introductory textbook on biological computation. The book is intended for people with limited or no background in biology and biological computation and introduces cellular automata, evolutionary computation, molecular computation, and neural networks. The book also includes more cursory introductions to several other techniques.

We are now finishing the draft, and will welcome comments about the material and the presentation from people interested or knowledgeable in this area who would like to review drafts of one or more chapters.

If anyone is interested, please drop me a line. Due to various constraints, we will only be able to send drafts to a limited number of people.

For future announcements related to the book please follow @BioComputing on twitter.