Top 200 Blogs for Developers has posted its Top 200 blogs for developers, and LtU did pretty well. ;-)

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Top group blog

Punching harder than Dr Dobbs & Google Testing.

The results seem kind of strange to me: I'd only heard of one of the other blogs ranked in the top 5. There again, I'm more of a potterer than a developer.

Postscript — How is the base list determined?

The hit list looks like

The hit list looks like circle jerking of "Agile" consultants, mostly, who are unlikely to have anything but basic programming skills and don't write technical articles.

BTW I'd have expected Paul Graham among the top 200 at least. Thus could I be wrong...

The demands of the audience

It may be that to rank well on Alexa and Twitter Grader that you mustn't scare away your readership with any substantial thoughts.

My guess is that Paul Graham was just omitted from the list that was analysed. It just doesn't have anything visible that I would call a methodology.

To be fair...

Does Paul Graham even have a blog? Not that I know of (or am able to discover in 10 seconds).

Good point

I'm subscribed to this:
...but there's "unofficial" in the title...


While the top is a bit strange, I know a lot of the programmers/scientists/researchers on the top 200 list and they are usually knowledgeable.

What I find odd is how many .NET blogs are on the list, and almost no Java blogs - Artima is one of the exceptions. I guess nobody is excited or talking much about Guy Steele spending years trying to "grow" Java.

A little surprised Eric Lippert's blog wasn't mentioned.