Announcing the new Haskell Prime process, and Haskell 2010

Simon Marlow:

...with ICFP and the Haskell Symposium approaching we felt it was time to
get the new process moving and hopefully produce a language revision...

In the coming weeks we'll be refining proposals in preparation for
Haskell 2010. By all means suggest more possibilities; however note
that as per the new process, a proposal must be "complete" (i.e. in the
form of an addendum) in order to be a candidate for acceptance.

More here.

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...feeling the pressure of F# 2010 maybe? ;-}

Only kidding. Looking forward to being able to disable some language pragmas.

Any bets?

Any bets on what will definitely make it? What definitely won't? And what's going to be most controversial?

"The Next Haskell Will be Strict, But Still Pure"

Shall we just call Disciple "Haskell 2010" and get it over with? :-)

if it gets people working on it

then heck yes, please.