End Users to Shape Effective Software

This might be an interestng project to keep an eye on.

The papers seem to cover a wide range of topics relevant to end user programming in a variety of settings.

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Nice title

I agree, users should be ended :)

They use hyphen in other titles

Like Gender: An Important Factor in End-User Programming Environments?.

By the way, according to the table on page 6 I perceive technology in a feminine way... :-)

Gender: an important factor in coming up with bigoted results...

Yeah, that one caught my attention too. While I would be willing to concede there are differences between genders, I would say that there are greater differences between any two individuals(regardless of gender) than overall, and that many of the points they were "scoring" were about badly designed programs, and stupid people in large numbers.

I suppose I've now used up all my politically incorrect points for the next week...

Domain experts

There is a fair bit of techniques that can be applied to general programming from these studies.

A lot of programmers are still domain experts. Just they are domain experts in HTTP, not Java or security. A template-based approach that helps check assumptions are of general value and application.

For end users, it brings to them test-driven development, and approaches similar to Agitator. All of which are very important in order to comply with Sarbanes-Oxley.

My job involves tool development for Sarbanes-Oxley

I see it as more of a documentation concern (specifically controls) than as a programming problem.

Ensuring adequate supervision

The following is a link to a list of financial mistakes leading from spreadsheet errors.


I'd have thought the requirement in Sarbanes-Oxley was that people were to be made accountable for financial reports, and providing adequate supervision that the reported figures were correct.