Munkres' Topology

Not really the PL-applicable sort of topology, but I think it will be interest to a fair few folks here: there's a PDF scan of James Munkres (2000) Topology available.

Postscript: Not anymore. I guess it was not a legitimate distribution of the text.

Postscript #2: Or maybe it does still, for some...

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I could not download it, is there a working link?

Worked for me

Though you do need to ensure JavaScript is enabled to perform the download.

Not for me anymore

I downloaded the text first time, but I haven't been able to access the page since.

I'd like to know what the status of the scan is: usually hosted scans of academic texts are at least tacitly approved, but I'm not so sure in this case.


I still can get it at some 500 kB per second. I wonder if it is location related? (i.e. I'm currently at a location / registered IP where I can get ACM, IEEE, etc. due to domain names).