I follow this site for info on the U.S polls. I was rather amused, I must say, when I discovered who is behind the site...

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Not to get into politics

Given the tight race I would think that amb might be useful in the predictive powers. :-)

Speaking of Debates ...

Hmmm... Do you think we can draw any conclusion from his advocacy of Microkernel versus Monolithic kernel OS design? Seems like his famous debate with Linus Torvalds put him on the losing side (at least in the marketplace -- read: voters) of that issue. ;-)


When you look at the plethora of modules involved in configuring the kernel, one wonders if history really shows AT is on the losing side, or, if the kernel debate mirrors the RISC/CISC debate mirrors the political debate mirrors most other debates.

also, apropos the grad school question...

Tanenbaum says, "Students interested in this and other areas of computer systems might want to check out the English-language Masters program I am running at the Vrije Universiteit."