Certified Web Services in Ynot

Certified Web Services in Ynot

In this paper we demonstrate that it is possible to implement certified web systems in a way not much different from writing Standard ML or Haskell code, including use of imperative features like pointers, files, and socket I/O. We present a web-based course gradebook application developed with Ynot, a Coq library for certified imperative programming. We add a dialog-based I/O system to Ynot, and we extend Ynot’s underlying Hoare logic with event traces to reason about I/O behavior. Expressive abstractions allow the modular certification of both high level specifications like privacy guarantees and low level properties like memory safety and correct parsing.

Ynot, always ambitious, takes another serious swing: extracting a real web application from a proof development. In some respects the big news here is the additional coverage that Ynot now offers in terms of support for file and socket I/O, and the event trace mechanism. But there's even bigger news, IMHO, which is the subject of another paper that warrants a separate post.

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They should really push using proof development to generate XaaS ("Everything as a Service") capabilities.