Where is everyone?

Editors, are you all still tired because of the election?

I'm feeling lonely around here.

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You're not alone, but the poo

You're not alone, but the pool of readers seems to be larger than the pool of writers...

LtU's not the only one..

Traffic's been depressed (pun intended) across my aggregator.

I always just kinda figured m

I always just kinda figured most people on here where involved in some kind of academic setting and posting kind of ebbed and flowed with beginnings and ends of semesters(and the accompanying flurry of tests, grading, vacations, etc.). But yeah, its still been kinda quiet :(.

Planetary Aspects?

I am not involved in any (interactive) academic setting (meaning I only read papers), but still am quite busy lately. My hypothesis would be that there is some kind of global peak of human activity, caused probably by aspects ;-)

I'm Self-Employed! Any other non-academics here?

Believe it or not, I study programming languages and theory in an effort to produce better code for my clients. Any other professional programmers here with little or no academic ties? I wonder what the percentages are here.

Shae Erisson - ScannedInAvian.com


I'm a professional programmer with no academic affiliations.

I was...

I was working in industry until very recently, now I'm back in academia. I visit lambda daily since at least 2002, and remember having seen it in the early days.


While not self-employed, I am definitely being (continuously) self-educated.

To my surprise, I found that learning in my spare time (after programming for money during the day) is much more effective than full-time studies at the university used to be.

Humanities graduate here

Slogging dutifully (well, actually browsing nonchalantly) through CTM as we speak.

My dayjob is writing C# and Python for a small ISV.

Same here...

Professional programmer, and the only academic experience so far have been 13 years at high school until last July ;-)

I aim to go to uni starting next fall, though.

I am working in industry for

I am working in industry for the past seven years. Before that I had four years of formal schooling in Computer Science.

Despite this, I am finding most of the stuff in LtU above my head. Is there anyway I can make myself better qualified to understand PL theory ? Also any inputs on how I can effectively use PL theory for practical purposes.

sridhar vijendran
ever in pursuit of understanding the spirit of computing


I'm in Kuala Lumpur impersonating a telecom professional. :-)

Creating software

I am doing freelance on creating various software too. In addition, now I am beginning to form my own small development house start-up. I mostly use Scheme. I have no formal education on theory of computation(I did read management studies at university). All I know about computer is from HTDP and Introduction to programming in Emacs Lisp. By the way, I am 24 years old young man.