A quick link (and one that will cause google haters to jump on me, surely): http://googleresearch.blogspot.com/2009/08/under-hood-of-app-inventor-for-android.html

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Scheme as an Intermediate Language

The link mentioned by Ehud is mostly about the use of Scheme as an intermediate language for a visual programming environment.


I find it hard to care very much that they used Kawa Scheme as an intermediate language; unless I'm personally going to be hacking on the implementation or that they somehow expose Kawa to the end user, what does it really matter?

Besides, Kawa strikes me as not that much more than a toy Scheme. It might be adequate for their purposes; but it ranks near the bottom of implementations I personally am interested in using.

So, nothing personal against anybody, but the link pretty much made me yawn, twice. Once for being about visual programming, of which I'm somewhat skeptical, and twice for using Kawa as an intermediate language.