Workshop on Non-Traditional Programming Models for High-Performance Computing

Registration is now open for the Workshop on Non-Traditional Programming Models for High-Performance Computing (part of the Los Alamos Computer Science Symposium). The symposium and workshop will be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico on October 13-14, 2009.

The goals of the workshop are two-fold:

  1. To begin to identify, specify and capture in writing, the problematic issues and barriers inherent in today's scientific software construction process.
  2. To expose attendees to non-traditional programming models with the express purpose of igniting thought and discussion on the future of large-scale scientific programming.

The one-day workshop will consist of three sequential tracks, each lead by a moderator/facilitator. The tracks will include a small number of speakers who will each present a short position paper outlining their thoughts on current problems and how specific non-traditional techniques may be applied to address these issues. Following the presentations, the moderator will lead a discussion with the audience on the ideas presented by the speakers. Both the position papers and the captured discussion will be published on the workshop web site. It is our hope that the output of this workshop, perhaps refined, can act as input to a future meeting or workshop on this topic.

(at the web site, click on the workshop title to display the preliminary agenda)

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Final agenda available

The final agenda for the workshop is now available. We have assembled a great list of speakers and it's shaping up to be an interesting workshop.