RSS feed for forum or responses?

I can see the big red XML box on the top left, but I don't see an RSS feed for the forum or recent posts. Does such a thing exist?

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Not yet...

We promised to work on such a feature but I guess we all got distracted. I'll see what can be done, as soon as I get some free time.


Is LtU source available? I've never used drupal or PHP before, but I'm willing to try them if none of the site developers have time to add the other RSS feeds.


Shae Erisson -

Re: Hackable?

LtU is running on almost stock Drupal source, version 4.4.1. The customizations for LtU were mainly restricted to the stylesheets (CSS), installing some plugins, and some very minor patches to customize a few things.

Re the RSS feed for comments, Gordon Weakliem has already written the code for that, and it's been waiting for me to do the necessary work to test it under Drupal and install it on the server. In the meantime, a significant new version of Drupal has been released (4.5.0). I'm considering taking care of a number of the outstanding issues at the same time by upgrading a bunch of things together, including Drupal and PHP (may as well take all the pain at once). I expect to have some time to start on that within the next week or so.

So, I'd say let's revisit this in about two weeks - i.e. one standard unit of programmer time ;)

One standard unit

So, I'd say let's revisit this in about two weeks - i.e. one standard unit of programmer time ;)

Then we can expect that to be four weeks. :-)

Several Units later...

Any word on an RSS feed for /tracker?

--Shae Erisson -

Coming up...

The Drupal upgrade is being tested at the moment. I'll post an update later this week.

[P.S. Thanks for the spam warning - I've deleted those topics.]

What modules does this site use? [OT]

What drupal modules do you use here? I admire this site so much, I'm trying to set up a weblog like it for the Information Retrieval and NLP communities at . Right now it's dyndns and on my own server -- one of these days, I hope to put it up on some managed hosting, but for now, I just want to try to get a community going. I have drupal set up, and I'm close to having something working, but I don't have the ability to set most active topics, nor do I have the categories available on the top left like this site does.

Edit: Just realized that despite that this is as close to on topic as it gets, this is still an offtopic post and should be marked as such out of politeness.

I'm not trying to copy the site exactly; I will be modifying it to suit our needs as I know what they are, but I want to start from a known-good setup, which this is. So any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks!

Drupal config [OT]

The modules that are enabled here are: archive, block, comment, forum, help, node, page, ping, profile, search, story, taxonomy, and tracker.

I see you have the active topics block on your site now, so presumably you've figured that part out. (They'll show something once there are some messages in your forums, naturally).

IIRC, the menu of links at the top left here was done by creating a new block, and providing the necessary HTML for the links. The newer Drupal 4.5.0 has a more automated way to do this, via its menu module.

Gotcha, thanks!

Thanks a lot. I'll put these changes in tonight once I get home.