Lua for Apache httpd.conf, again

Internet servers are good applications for scripting, e.g. VCL for the Varnish HTTP cache.

Now there's again talk about using Lua for Apache configuration.

Choice quote:

Can all be done in plain lua.

Given that there's MetaLua, it might even be possible to create Apache-specific syntax.

(via Hacker News)

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An alternative

DomTool is a more general tool that I implemented for HCoop. It's a Haskell-like domain-specific language that provides a unified interface to configuring several daemons.


Have you seen augeas?

Would you say yours is any safer or easier to use, etc?

eh... so what...

Why isn't there more focus on how brain dead the extensibility and configuration points are for most daemons, including httpd?

httpd.conf and associated plug-in modules is an assorted mess of ugly abstractions, no?

calls for pipes

Isn't the given configuration directives more intuitively represented as
a pipeline? Since the actions that can be taken on a request-response pathway is linear?

listen -port 80 | gzip | cache | log