L+C Modeling Language

Radoslaw Karwowski and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz. Design and implementation of the L+C modeling language. Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science 86 (2), 19 pp.

L-systems are parallel grammars that provide a theoretical foundation for a class of programs used in the simulation of plant development and procedural image synthesis. In particular, the formalism of L-systems guides the construction of declarative languages for specifying input to these programs. We outline key factors that have motivated the development of L-system-based languages in the past, and introduce a new language, L+C, that addresses the shortcomings of its predecessors. We also describe a simulation program, lpfg, which makes it possible to execute models specified in L+C. To this end, L+C programs are translated into C++, compiled into a DLL, and linked with lpfg at runtime. The use of this strategy simplifies the implementation of the modeling system.

I somehow failed to notice L+C as a demarcated language before. I am not entirely sure what one needs to download in order to use L+C directly.

I am sure this is relevant to the great DSL debate, but I am not sure in favor of which side of the debate...

The page gives links to other papers about L+C. While you are there, don't miss The Algorithmic Beauty of Plants, which is great fun.