ncl : ncar command language

another language for plotting, looks to be especially good for/focused on climate visualizations (as is to be expected being maintained by the national center for atmosperic research, one of their visualization and enabling technologies supports working with netCDF, HDF, Grib, and CCM History Tape data formats.
Has some nice features regarding variables, including call-implicit instantiation and undefinition of variables, although I can't see how these features per se help them in the language's ostensible analysis and visualization of data goals (as opposed to just being aesthetically pleasing features and generally helpful)

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A while ago I've been playing with the related VisAD (Visualization for Algorithm Development) toolkit. VisAD has a very cool data description system, for describing things like for example a mapping from (latitude, longitude) to temperature. Visualizing data is done by connecting the domains and ranges of such mappings to visual features, such as 3D position or color, or to time, for creating animations. The VisAD spreadsheet is an app built on VisAD with which the visualizations can be created interactively (screenshot.)