BNFT (Backus Naur Form Transformation) tool released

On my way to publishing my programming language Dawn (which I radically failed to promote for discussion in earlier posts :-) I have created and released a tool BNFT.

The tool takes a BNF input, a source file and outputs a target file. The BNF features an operator "->" where literals and nonterminals specified on the right side of the operator replaces the leftside in the output. This makes it suitable for a lot of purposes:

DSL creation, Advanced substitions (more advance that RegExps), Code prettifying etc.

The tools is vital in Dawns claim of syntax agnosticism, where programmers are allowed to roll their own syntax, while observering a few rules, that will allow other syntax flavors to view the same code with different syntaxes.

It is implemented in Java for now, windows examples are available and released under BSD license.

Feel free to try it out at my blog: Consistent Oxymoron, Neutral Bias, or something

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BNFT Update

Years after the fact: BNFT have been translated into javascript, that have proved a better vessel for Dawn development, especially with NodeJS.

So while Dawn is getting close to a release after so many years, BNFT is still excellent for playing with toy languages.

Complete with a fully functioning Brainfuck and Turtle implementation in the testbed, all running in your browser.

Check it out at:

Come back!

I'll look for your next post in July of 2031?


Good things come to those who wait :-)

Yeah, not to mention that I thought I hadn't share my javascript version, but actually this is a repost from 2014 :-/


Excellent idea, I like the integration with BNF.

Is it your own parsing algorithm, or is it some already known existing algorithm?

Own algoritm. Just a brute

Own algoritm. Just a brute force search, so order is important. This means that you can make catch alls in the “later” specs of an OR statement.