Techniques used in Hotspot compilation

Hi, I have been looking for some documentation or articles w.r.t what exactly this technology involves and unfortunately have not had much luck. The only source i have is the IcedTea project which requires I pour through source code to make a determination of what these techniques involve and whether they are applicable to the situations I am interested in. Does anyone know of resources which describe the basic motivation/ideas and algorithms that "hide" behind the hotspot umbrella? If anyone here had some insight into these technologies I would appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,

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Look up "trace trees" and

Look up "trace trees" and other papers on trace-based JIT, ie. YETI.

Thanks I will take a look.

Thanks I will take a look.


I'm confused as to what exactly you mean by the "hotspot umbrella". HotSpot is a trademark used by Sun to refer to two Java JIT compilers, HotSpot client and HotSpot server.

Here is a masters about HotSpot client:
Here is a paper about HotSpot server:

HotSpot Internals Wiki

There are a pile of links on the HotSpot Internals Wiki and on the OpenJDK HotSpot group website.