Announcing a Fortress blog

Since other posters at LtU have taken an interest in the Fortress programming language in the past, I thought I'd mention that the Fortress team at Sun Labs has started a blog, to post a series of announcements and news items about Fortress. Our goal is to let people know about ongoing technical discussions and decisions, as well as the current status of the implementation. We will also post interesting examples of Fortress code. We hope to put up new posts at least weekly.

So far we have four posts. The first and fourth posts discuss the new wiki markup for tables and images for use in Fortress comments; the second post discusses some changes to the typing rules for conditional expressions that will help them to interact better with coercion. The third post is Jan-Willem Maessen's report on a pure (functional) implementation of the "treap" data structure in Fortress, and the fact that the nascent Fortress compiler can now compile it. Visit

or click on the "Blog" item at the right-hand end of the menu bar on the main Wiki page.

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very timely

I was just telling a colleague about Fortress an hour ago, and wondering how things were going. I love the blog!


Could you (or someone from the team) blog a bit about how you chose to design the stylesheets (and thus also commenting) feature in Fortress?

What other designs did you consider, etc...