Scheduled downtime

LtU will be taken offline for some time tomorrow (Tuesday 9th) due to a data center move. The downtime could range from a few minutes to a few hours. The exact time this will occur is unknown, but you'll be able to tell because LtU will be unreachable. :-)

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Migration completed

These words are now being delivered to you from a location about 1860 km due west of the previous location. The server downtime was about 7h 40m. The nonstop driving time between locations (on US Interstate 70 all the way) is about 18 hours. The hosting company managed to beat the latency of a station wagon full of tapes, but not by that much!

Post a comment here if you notice any unusual problems with the site, which is now running on different hardware.

Sometimes, the internet *is* a big truck.

Never underestimate the bandwidth of truck full of cds. ;-) Or, for that matter, a purpose-constructed fileserver shipped UPS Express.