how to resolve the compatibility issues of libraries.

When we use a library, it is often faced with compatibility issues. Sometimes, to migrate from one library to another, sometimes, the library will be upgraded to a new version.

During this process, the BUGs is very vague and difficult to test.
There is a settlement to resolve the issues.

This approach is described as follows:

For each of the library function,we named an input-output relationship, rather than a specific function.So the auto test module can be run and determine which function is compatible.

for example:
def X as relation(in[...],out[...])

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Not appropriate

This post is not appropriate for LtU. It's a fine topic (and has come up many times before), but this post itself is barely coherent.

Previous thread may be of interest

I agree with Matt, your post is not comprehensible. You may be interested in a previous thread:

discussing the book Practical API Design, which is about maintaining compatible APIs.

But I can't really tell from your message whether that will help.