Lagoona, component-orientation

(i thought i read a comment on LtU about Franz, but can't find it now.)

Lagoona apparently addresses some issues around component-oriented approaches to systems development, and has roots in Niklaus Wirth's works such as Oberon. Is anybody on LtU more familiar with this stuff, such that they could opine / compare / contrast?

(tags like: "component-oriented", "distributed extensibility", "decentralized", sorta beyond-OO, that kind of fun kool-aid.)

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I remember following Lagoona

I remember following Lagoona when it first came out, but it seems to have gone nowhere since 2005 or so. As I recall, it was designed by Michael Franz and his then-students Peter Fröhlich and Andreas Gal. You can find more info on their Web pages.

What I remember of it now is that messages are declared independently of any object type, that types can be declared to implement message sets, and that message forwarding in used instead of code inheritance. Other than that, I think it's like Oberon/Modula-2/Pascal in that it's imperative, explicitly typed, and so on.