Holiday Fun: How Programming Language Fanboys See Each Others’ Languages

Perhaps I am a bit dense, but I find this only mildly amusing, not ROFL material. Still, it is amusing enough to share at this time of year.

Happy holidays!

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Here's a more balanced

Here's a more balanced version of the Haskell one, though I'm not sure it makes any more sense. (via the Haskell reddit)

I'm pretty sure Haskell

I'm pretty sure Haskell doesn't look like that to Chinese Ruby programmers. It would be nice if we could compile a larger table with multiple candidate pictures for each cell. Then we could just vote on the pictures to represent each cell...

In which case the Chinese

In which case the Chinese programmers will probably decide...

Can't forget about the Larson October 1987 cartoon seen by languages with usable type inference

With Lisp users

Someone added Lisp to the mix:

I knew this will turn into a

I knew this will turn into a meme....

And another one:

Remarkably, the links posted

Remarkably, the links posted above by migmit are not spam...